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The second edition of TTP was held on April 16 in Mount Kuocang of Linhai County, Zhejiang Province. The 2016 edition added a new distance category of 82km with a total ascent of 6,000m, traversing technical natural terrain along the ridges and in the forests, making it the toughest 50… Read More
We had a chance to catch up with to Gavin MacArthur, a participant of 2015 Trail Run Jeju. He did the 100km route (which will be organised separately in October. Watch out for our update) which overlapped with the 2016 50km route. Here, he shared some of his memories and… Read More
After a great summer season of trail running with my Tralua regulars in Sligo, Ireland, I came to South Korea's unique Jeju island for my toughest sporting challenge to date: the three-day, 100 km stage race at the heart of Trail Run Jeju 2015. (more…) Read More